Dreams Realized: The Power of Daydreaming

Our lives are a product of our imagination. How BIG are you dreaming?

“Stop that daydreaming!” my teacher would shout across the room as I found myself in a daze, daydreaming about my boy crush I was preparing to see at the sound of the bell, or the mouth-watering food that was waiting for me at lunch.

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I was taught that daydreaming and fantasizing were “distractions” and unrealistic. But, isn’t that how all great things came to be — through a mere daydream or fantasy?

Everything that we see around us was once a fantasy. Heck, this internet and computer I’m using to type this, was once a figment of someones imagination, turned reality. So, tell me: Why are you afraid to daydream and fantasize about the things you desire in your life? And truly, I’m talking to myself here.

Daydreaming has literally launched astronauts to the moon. THE MOON.

I’ve been finding myself daydreaming (“fantasizing”) a lot, lately. Mainly about my future spouse, creative ideas and having my own space. Ya know, adult things, lol.

I’ve even felt like my imagination was taking me a bit too far. I caught myself mid daydream once: “Girl, get a grip,” I told myself as I daydreamed about my crush. “That ain’t gone happen” — snapping myself back into reality.

(Btw, do not ever shoot your own dreams down like that.)

Until, one day, my imagination truly led me to reality. I was SHOOK, okay. SHOOK! As they say: “Thoughts truly become things.” Everything that I desired was (and is) coming to me full circle.

I was shook because sometimes we do not realize how quick an innocent intention can come to fruition in our lives. I was also shook because people who don’t dream big dreams for themselves, will attempt to shoot yours down; sometimes unintentionally, thus, making you question your own wild thoughts.

We can literally use our imagination to our advantage to create the life of our dreams. But, here’s the thing: It will not work if you do not believe nor work towards it.

Every great thing first starts as an idea in our imagination, but it shouldn’t stop there if it’s something that we desire. We should also believe that it can and it will flow into our lives with ease — not force.

The new house, the career, the spouse — whatever your aspirations are, can and will flow into your life, naturally, as long as you believe.

What great (“unrealistic”) goals are you clinging onto in your imagination that you’re reluctant to work towards because it seems “too far fetched”? Imagining a career change? Bigger living space? A healthy marriage? An authentic friendship? A fit body and lifestyle? A life of travel?

Nothing is too big for you. Every pure intention you set remember: God is on your side.

Use your imagination, pray over your desires, and work towards them with pure intentions and confidence. Take full control of the fact that you have the power to bring into your life anything that you wish.

I’m encouraging you to dream. Keep dreaming, beloved. Keep believing. And, when it happens, embrace it.

Patience is … a Lifestyle?

I’ve been having to be patient. Not because I want too, but because I literally have too.

And honestly, I’m not mad at it.

I’ve always had to be patient in different times in my life, but its now finally clicking. Like “ohhhhhh, THIS is what its supposed to feel like.”

Patience isn’t a momentary thing nor should we only apply it at certain times. Patience is a lifestyle. Patience is something we have to become.

Patience isn’t a momentary thing nor should we only apply it at certain times. Patience is a lifestyle. Patience is something we have to become.

– Meline Rose

With my forthcoming business, my romantic love life, my media career, my living situation, my finances, my celibacy journey — it’s all literally been forcing me into practicing the art of patience.

And I’m not mad at it, at all. In fact, its bought a calm and a peace into my life that I didn’t expect. There’s a certain level of clarity that I’m experiencing that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. There’s a certain stride in my walk now knowing that things will fall into place in its time. There’s a new level of self-confidence that I’ve welcomed and embraced.

I love it here.

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When I sit back and reflect, I think “What’s the rush anyway? What am I rushing to? Or from? What am I afraid of”?

Rushing through ones process usually means two things: a lack of confidence and a lack of faith.

It means that I don’t have confidence in myself or what I’m pursuing. That I’m scared if I don’t rush to the finish line, I may just miss my golden opportunity.

A lack of confidence and faith will have you operating in fear real quick.

Then I realize: Everything is literally working and moving. Nothing is ever stagnant, even when reality seems to say otherwise. But, you cannot always see energy in motion; And thats when you trust that all the seeds you’ve planted will inevitably bear fruit — as long as you continue to nourish them.

This gives me the ultimate confidence in myself. The ultimate confidence in my journey. The ultimate confidence in my future. And honestly, the ultimate confidence in GOD! Won’t he do it? Yes, yes he will.

So, seeds I continue to plant and nourish.

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that sometimes doubt creeps in, but the real key is in how I choose to react in those moments. Instead of allowing anxiety to get the best of me, I sit with it, cry it out if I have too, and then get back to the mission.

It’s all part of the process.

Operating in patience is certainly a lifestyle and its what we have to become if we want long-term success and returns on our investments.

Be faithful, be persistent, but above all, be patient.

Don’t let fear or anything outside of you rush your process.

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Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

I told myself 2021 would be the year that I dust my pen off. Well, here we go.

Whew, where do I even start? What do I even want to talk about? Hmm, lets talk about my new year: literally and figuratively.

My word for 2021 is THRIVE: Showing up as my FULL self as much and as best as I can in every area of my life. Part of this word that’ll carry me through the entire year is dusting my pen off and getting back into my writing duffle bag.

So, lets talk about thriving, shall we?

“Are you really ready to walk in the things you’ve prayed for? God is ready to bless you. Can you keep up”?

I’ve been posing this question to myself a lot lately and my answer is officially “Yes.”

In the last two years, I feel like I’ve been going through a metamorphosis. In 2019 while I was hitting some major milestones like graduating college, I was also battling with internal conflict like an identity shift. What was supposed to feel like my highest moments, I felt my lowest. Everything around me was literally shifting: friendships, relationships, career, finances, etc. I was met with deep and painstaking anxiety that felt like a death. Here I am in somebodies comment section asking about a “spiritual awakening,” lol:

It was also the year that I was met with grief. I didn’t realize it then, but upon reflection, my nephews death shook me to my core. He died in my sisters womb at 7-months. Man, imagine how she felt.

After a spiritually and emotionally excruciating year, I used 2020 to center my mind and focus on this new woman God was forcing (and preparing) me to become. That was definitely the year of the cocoon: preparing my mind, body and spirit for the things I not only desired, but the things God wanted to bless me with.

We’re now in 2021 and and the caterpillar is ready to soar into a beautiful butterfly that she was meant to be.

I’m not exactly sure what God has been preparing me for, but I’m optimistic. I anticipate that it’s better than anything I could’ve imagined myself. Who knows: a thriving love life with my fine-ass man? A new home? A lucrative business? Working as an official host on a notable media platform? All of the above, maybe? Whatever goodness it is, I deserve it.

I’m ready to receive all of God’s abundance in this season. I deserve great things and I’m ready to receive great things. I’ve earned it.

A new year calls for a new beginning. Thriving all 2021 and beyond. Join me!