“Nothing that is meant for me will ever pass me by.”

Meline Rose is a Haitian-American entertainment host, lifestyle content creator, and producer of her self-titled Youtube talk show, “The Meline Rose Show,” who uses her platform to have conversations rooted in love, truth and connection. She believes the more vulnerable and honest we are with one another, the more connected we become.

Born and raised in South Florida, Meline’s journey began at the age of 7 where she’d turn her mother’s living room into her personal world stage — mimicking the likes of Oprah and Free and AJ from 106 & Park Top Ten Countdown. Her childhood ambitions have since landed her on BET red carpets under her personal outlet, Meline Rose TV, and the creation of her Youtube talk show.

Well-known for her charismatic and genuine essence, Meline has the innate ability to connect with a diverse audience, making it easy to appeal to her millennial viewers.

Her ambitions continue as she works her way to becoming one of the most notable media giants of her generation.

When she’s not preparing for her show or creating content, you may find her enjoying a glass of wine over a new read, fitness/wellness training at her local gym, or burning one of her handmade candles.

Stay connected with Meline Rose and her continuous evolution on TheMelineRose.com and on Instagram and Twitter, @MelineRose. Subscribe to her YouTube channel, Meline Rose TV.