“I am whomever I desire to be, and everything God has designed me to be.”

Born and raised in South Florida, my journey began at the tender age of 7 where I’d imagine my mothers delicately furnished living room was my personal world stage. With an overused hair brush in one hand and cue cards in another, I’d channel my best Oprah Winfrey impression.

Once I decided that I was exhausted from a long day of interviewing Beyonce and giving out free cars, I’d imagine myself dressed in a business suit, strutting through my office hallways, and exuding the confidence of a woman in charge of her own destiny.

It turns out that my childhood imaginations weren’t far fetched fallacies. I’ve since interviewed celebrities and industry trailblazers on BET red carpets, created my own YouTube talk show, and launched my very own business, “Brwn Liquor Candle Co.”

My ambitions and wild imaginations continue as I work my way to becoming one of the most notable media giants of my generation, while simultaneously operating a home and decor powerhouse.

Who am I? I’m a Haitian-American entertainment host, entrepreneur, and everything else I desire to be and everything God has designed me to.

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